We ensure the best quality materials and fixtures are used along with precise craftsmanship. We do our best to make sure our clients do not incur further repair or additional maintenance costs, hence we ensure the incoming material is thoroughly tested. Quality routine checks are held at every stage of completion, final tests are carried out and their records maintained to avoid any mishaps in the future.

We use :

Highest grade of CRGO which gives least core losses
Mitred V-notch construction of core
Electrolytic Grade Copper thus giving low copper losses .

We ensure our clients have a safe and reliable environment to be in at all times, additional fitting are made such as :
Winding Temperature indicator and Oil temperature Indicator with alarm and trip contacts to protect against excess winding and oil temperature respectively
Buchholz relay with alarm and trip contacts for protection against gas formation in the transformer oil
Pressure release valve with alarm and trip contacts for protection against excess pressure in the transformer tank
Magnetic Oil Gauge with alarm and trip contacts for protection of low level of oil in oil cooled transformers

Our transformers are ‘silent’ thereby not causing any noise pollution. To try and reduce further environmental impact, we use filtered fresh transformer oil in every transformer so that only oil filtration is necessary in the long run thus eliminating the need to replace oil. Our transformers are leakage free and have a long life. 

Our transformers are energy efficient thereby reducing environmental impact.