Unitised substations are required where the space is a constraint and also where portability is necessary. The transformer inside can be air cooled or oil cooled as per the customer’s preference. The substations conform to upto IP-65 standard to withstand outdoor conditions.

We also provide
Distribution box in the compact substation
Feeder Pillar in the compact substation
APFC (automatic power factor correction) Panels in the compact substation


High Tension Compartment

 High Tension Switch Gear

Simple switch fuse unit (SFU)/ SF6 Gas filled ringmain unit (RMU) / Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) / Load break switch


Oil cooled or Air cooled

Voltage Class :

upto 33 kV

Capacity :


Cooling :


Tapping :

Off Circuit Tap Switch or On Load Tap Circuit Switch

Low Tension Compartment


Air Circuit Breaker